3D, Animation, Video
About This Project

Anima is a live dance performance choreographed by multi-disciplinary Bay Area artists Agnes Szelag and Amy Lewis. From the artists’ description, the performance is “ based on theories in David Abram’s 1996 book The Spell of the Sensuous.  Through dance, video, and sound, Szelag and Lewis explore key themes discussed by Abrams: the loss of sensory awareness due to our immersion with technology, animism, and our symbol-induced alienation from nature.”


I was brought in as a motion designer from inception of the piece and was responsible for all parts of the production process for the video projected behind the dancers.


There were 8 total scenes, spanning over 45 minutes of total runtime. A large range of animation styles and techniques were used in the scenes. Complex particle systems, 3D animation, fluid dynamics, animal character animation, found-footage compositing and traditional motion graphics were all used in this massive project. Since the dancers interacted with the projection live, all animation had to be timed to match the choreography of the performance flawlessly.


The piece has been performed all around the Bay Area at many venues and festivals, including RE: Sound, The Temescal Center for the Arts and the 2019 San Francisco International Arts Festival!